Star of Excellence

The Star of Excellence recognizes services that form the core of our industry. Services like Application Development, Data Centers, End User Computing, Managed Network Services of Business process management have been included in this category. These also include cloud-based services that deliver any one of the above. On a very high level, these services are typically run the business services that have been around for a long time with set delivery and commercial models.

The evaluation criteria for these services are based on five key pillars:

  1. Collaboration: The ability of a provider to offer seamless collaboration with their clients to understand, empathize and solve client’s business problems
  2. Execution: The ability of a provider to demonstrate capabilities in action towards delivering client value
  3. Innovation: A reflection of how well a provider offers translates its industry and technical know-how to solve unique business mandates for their clients
  4. Governance: Preparedness and implementation of how well a provider manages the governance of the services during the overall client engagement
  5. People: The aptitude, passion and attitude of service provider personnel that delivers the services to clients

Qualification Criteria

To qualify to the Star of Excellence Award 2019, a provider is required to have;

  • Minimum 20 unique clients, 30 responses
  • Should reflect at least two technologies (ADM, Data Center, EUC, MNS, BPM)
  • Should cover at least two geographies (ANZ, Rest of Asia, SEMEA, DACH, Nordics, UK&N-Ireland, North America, LATAM)
  • Should respond in all categories to qualify (Collaboration, Execution, Governance, Innovation and People)