Star of Excellence Emerging Tech

The emerging tech are the new gen services which are more transformative in nature. Offerings like Blockchain, Big Data, Machine learning / Artificial intelligence or Internet of Things have been categorized under this class. The idea of having this category is to provide a futuristic platform for the market to share their experiences and journeys with the larger world. We believe the emerging tech is more about the journey than just designing and implementation. Therefore, this category reflects ISGs view of how clients undergo a three-phase journey.

The evaluation model, therefore, assesses a provider’s ability to inspire, envision and execute these phases of Incubate, Enable and Accelerate - Each phase elaborates and outlines very specific areas that a provider can help a client succeed.

  1. Incubate: The passion and capability of a service provider to generate awareness, interest and consensus towards adopting a technology within the client organization
  2. Enable: The capability of a service provider to build and execute prototypes and quick win business cases. This includes generating a business case for the leadership on technology adoption
  3. Accelerate: The expertise of a service provider to scale the adoption of emerging technology in the client’s ecosystem through industrialization of the existing experimental initiatives.

Qualification Criteria

To qualify to the Star of Excellence Award – Emerging Tech 2019, a provider is required to have;

  • Minimum 10 unique clients, 20 responses
  • Should cover at least two phases (Incubate, Enable or Accelerate)